Zhigang Liu

Associate Professor, Northwest A&F University
  • Northwest A&F University
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  • China

About Zhigang Liu

Dr. Zhigang Liu now is an Associate Professor in the Northwest A&F University in China, and is also a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science, Cornell University. He has been working as a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California under the mentoring of Dr. Enrique Cadenas. He now gets the sponsored from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany working on the effects of dietary restriction on cognitive behaviors, cooperating with Dr. Tilman Grune. His research interests focus on finding the nutritional intervention strategy on brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases such as AD and PD, by linking the system energy metabolism with synaptic plasticity in the brain.


Biochemistry Cell biology Microbiomes Molecular biology Omics Physiology

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Intermittent fasting on diabetes: a link between gut microbes and brain

In current work, we apply a multi-omics approach in a T2D mouse model to investigate the link between Intermittent fasting (IF), T2D-associated cognitive defects and gut-brain axis, finding that IF alters the gut microbiome and improves metabolic phenotypes that correlate with cognitive behavior.


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