Shailendra Yadav

National Postdoctoral Fellow, National Environmental and Engineering Research Institute
  • National Environmental and Engineering Research Institute
  • 8076501460
  • India

About Shailendra Yadav

I am basically a microbial ecologist trained in microbiology and molecular ecology. I have completed my Ph.D. thesis entitled “Microbial Diversity with special reference to methanogens in the leachate sample from Delhi Landfill Site and in Marshland of Silchar” at Department of Biotechnology, Assam University. During my doctoral research, I had studied methanogens diversity from Indian landfills and wetlands to understand the issue of methane emissions from natural and anthropogenic sources using molecular approaches like 16SrDNA sequencing DGGE and Real-time PCR. Presently I am working as a National Postdoctoral Fellow at NEERI: Nagpur on the project entitled “Activated Biomass as Bioresource: Screening for secondary metabolites with specific reference to antimicrobials”. To achieve the objective I am using functional metagenomics approach. I would like to extend my present week for the discovery of bioactive molecules/ antimicrobials from environmental samples. Culture independent metagenomic analysis provides a unique opportunity to explore various ecosystem harboring yet unknown and mostly uncultivable microbes and other organisms. Functional analysis of the metagenomic data plays a central role in the projects aiming to explore the most essential questions in microbiology, namely ‘In a given environment, among the microbes present, what are they doing, and how are they doing it?’ Metagenomic analysis may yeild new genes encoding biosynthetic gene cluster for bioactive molecules/antimicrobials.

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