Celia Fortuna Rodrigues

PharmD, PhD , University of Porto
  • University of Porto
  • Portugal

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Comment on Staring at the Sun
Replying to Josef Wagner

Well done Celia, I really like the association between sun and the gut microbiome. 

Vitamin D turns out to be more a more one (the) of the most important vitamins for human and most likely for animal too. 

Looking forward to here more from you


Yes, I agree. The authors of this study did a really great job :)

Replying to IQBAL AHMAD

New information on biofilm inhibitor


Yes, it is :)

Replying to IQBAL AHMAD

Congratulation for  the interesting  study. It will be also good to know if the compound is interfere in biofilm development of Candida.

With best wishes

Prof Iqbal Ahmad

I though so too. This work is truly interesting, Iqbal! Let's hope it has anti-biofilm activity. Best regards, Célia.