Microbiology education

For those dealing with microbiology teaching challenges, I share a Thematic Issue on Microbiology Education.

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The Thematic Issue: Education on Microbiology Education from FEMS Microbiology Letters discuss relevant facts, presents innovative strategies and shares interesting point of views about Microbiology Education.


Benedita Sampaio-Maia

Assistant Professor, Universidade do Porto

I graduated in Microbiology at School of Biotechnology, Portuguese Catholic University and developed my PhD in Human Biology at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto. Afterwards, I started teaching activity in Microbiology at University of Porto being currently chair of Microbiology courses at Faculty of Dental Medicine of Porto University. Presently, I am focus on unveiling the role of human microbiome in CKD pathophysiology.


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over 5 years ago
This looks like a really great resource for microbiology educators - thanks for sharing Benedita!
Go to the profile of Benedita Sampaio-Maia
over 5 years ago
Thanks :) Knowledge in Microbiology is changing so fast, in particular human Microbiology, that Microbiology teaching has become a real challenge in today's time ... So, I hope other bloggers also share material linked with Microbiology Education.