Hepatitis C outbreaks in dialysis clinics

Recent outbreaks in the U.S. have prompted CDC health warning

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These news are almost unbelievable in this day and age, but there have been a number of acute hepatitis C virus (HCV) outbreaks in 2014 and 2015 in hemodialysis clinics in eight U.S. states, such as this one in Tennessee. The number of patients affected, 36, is not large, but the trend is worrying. The CDC has issued a health warning reminding clinics to routinely screen patients for HCV, report positive cases and follow standard practices to prevent infection.

Can't let the guard down when dealing with bodily fluids, please! Let's prevent what we can easily prevent; life is hard enough dealing with what we cannot control.

Nonia Pariente

Chief Editor, Nature Microbiology

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