Add a little colour(ing) to your life

A delightful launch present from Mrs @jermynation
Add a little colour(ing) to your life

If, as the saying goes, to err is human then based on the amount of err-ing and umm-ing I do in this first video post, then my humanity is clearly established. Ah well, at least it leaves plenty of room for improvement.

The book on the other-hand is fantastic and I would recommend it as a gift for anyone in your life with a love for microbiology (or colouring in).

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Go to the profile of Ben Libberton
about 7 years ago
Cool! I want one of these. I just checked on Amazon and they have colouring books for everything now. Who would have thought.
Go to the profile of Andrew Jermy
about 7 years ago
Apparently colouring for adults is now trendy, we may have to play around with some colour your own figures for our content!