Free Collection: Antimicrobial resistance

Read free-to-access Scientific Reports articles on antimicrobial resistance and potential new strategies to overcome it

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Antimicrobial (or antibiotic) resistance (AMR) is a global public health concern that needs to be urgently addressed as it threatens the effective treatment of an increasing range of pathogens worldwide.

This new collection is a selection of recent Scientific Reports articles showcasing research aimed at elucidating the mechanisms of AMR acquisition and spread, and developing new antimicrobial strategies to counteract the rise of pathogen resistance to antibiotics currently in use.

All content is free to access and can be found here:

Anita Marinelli, PhD

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature

After an MS in pharmaceutical biotechnology in Italy and a PhD in emerging infectious diseases in the US, I completed my postdoctoral research on the human vaginal microbiome at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. I was an Associate Editor at BMC Medicine before joining the Scientific Reports team in 2017.