Free Collection: Gates-funded infectious disease research

Read free-to-access Scientific Reports articles describing research on malaria, tuberculosis and HIV, funded by the Gates Foundation.

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Global health is one of four grant-making areas served by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Fundees are empowered to take innovative approaches to addressing intractable problems in infectious disease. From prevention through diagnosis to the search for novel treatments, the papers in this Scientific Reports Collection showcase some of the impressive outputs of the Foundation's efforts. Click here to access more than 25 articles at no cost.

Suzanne Farley

Past Springer Nature Staff Member, Springer Nature

Genetically-British Australian. Joined Nature Publishing Group in 2003. Spent 10 years in the Nature Reviews Division, and 5 years at Scientific Reports. Joined the Springer Nature Research Integrity Group in August 2018. Degree in Environmental Science, PhD in plant physiology and molecular biology (U Newcastle, Australia). Likes coffee, running, swimming, writing, parenting and my Kindle.