July 2017 cover

Linear ubiquitin recruitment to Salmonella mediates xenophagy and immune signaling. Image by Ella Maru Studio; cover design by Karen Moore.
July 2017 cover

Sending signals

Linear polyubiquitin patches in the Salmonella Typhimurium ubiquitin coat, regulated by E3 ligase LUBAC and deubiquitinase OTULIN, serve as a platform to modulate xenophagy, NF-kB signalling, secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines and bacterial proliferation. 

Refers to "Linear ubiquitination of cytosolic Salmonella Typhimurium activates NF-κB and restricts bacterial proliferation" by van Wijk et al. 


"LUBAC-synthesized linear ubiquitin chains restrict cytosol-invading bacteria by activating autophagy and NF-κB" by Noad et al.

Nature Microbiology 2: 17066 (2017)

Nature Microbiology 2: 17063 (2017)

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