August 2016 cover

The drums are beating, the torch is lit, let the carnival begin.
August 2016 cover

Four years have passed since the London games, where phage burst through to take sprint glory and Rhodobacter dominated in the pool. Where Pseudomonas's disgrace made MRSA mighty and the common cold took relay gold. Winners have become legend, while valiant losers fade from memory. The next generation comes along rapidly in the world of microbial sport though, and a fresh cohort of competitors now rises. Training hard for selection, our new crop of microbial athletes have been honing their fitness and acquiring the skills needed to compete. With operons switched on and secretion systems sharpened, our heroes are ready to do battle once more.

Refers to The Microbial Olympics 2016 by Nelson et al.

Nature Microbiology, 1, 16122 (2016)

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